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I'm Sharon Wenger, and welcome to Maple Avenue Music. My degrees are in Educational Ministries & Bible, and I have a Minor in Music. I've taught in many settings, such as urban youth worker, preschool teacher, and music instructor. But honestly, I've learned the most about children by becoming a mom!


In 2003, I began teaching piano with just 2 students. In 2017, my studio became the backdrop for a new endeavor I didn't anticipate: educating preschoolers...with a musical twist! Due to the closure of the Christian preschool where I'd taught, I opened my home for 8 specific children needing a pre-k. I never dreamed I'd be combining my preschool experience with my music background... but this program took off. Word spread and the class grew, and since then I've taught dozens of children through Preschool PALS. It's been amazing to see these programs change and grow!

Piano instruction is offered in the evening as my schedule allows. Because my studio is small by design, students won't be overlooked in a large class or assigned to another teacher. Our relationship will grow over time, allowing me to discern each child's learning style. I'm also happy to make referrals to more advanced instructors when necessary.

I look forward to starting your child on their own journey of learning very soon!

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