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Resonator Bells Class
Group Format for Grades PreK-3
2 Payments of $75
Jan-Feb 2024


Many parents desire their child to have basic musical training... but who wants to invest in an expensive instrument when you're unsure of your child's interest level? That's why resonator bells are such a great first musical experience!


Similar in appearance to a xylophone, these bells are affordable, easy to store & transport, and relatively difficult to break! In our group classes, resonator bells are used to play familiar tunes together and introduce students to many fundamentals of music: note values, rests, reading music, simple ear training, rhythm & beat, playing alone and with a group, following conducting, and much more!

Join us in winter 2024 for a fun group class format using resonator bells!
Class Details:

  • for children in grades K-3

  • designed for beginners

  • 9 Wednesday classes, Jan-Feb

  • payment: 2 installments of $75

  • students must purchase & bring Mini Artis brand resonator bells to class

  • at-home practice is expected

Unlike a xylophone, where all tones are permanently fixed in order, this instrument is made of 8 unattached rectangular bells. Each bell can be removed separately from the others, and all of them fit nicely in a convenient carrying case... a perfect set up for transporting bells to and from class!

Be sure to ONLY purchase the Mini Artis brand, linked below, as we'll use their specific color-coding for class activities. Other types of bells have different coloring and will NOT work for our set up! Plus, the Mini Artis brand comes with the specific song booklet we'll use. 

Amazon link: resonator bells

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