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No Longer Required for Admission
But Available February - May


Since 2020, we've enjoyed many successful enrollments from families unable to visit prior to the first day of school. And this is good news! Quite frankly, visits are difficult since Mrs. Wenger's teaching schedule includes mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Plus, parents often cancel meetings or simply don't show up.  And neither class observations nor open houses are offered simply due to space limitations.  Rather, our hope is that the information and photos on this site provide enough details for every family.

For those who still wish to arrange a meeting, this can be done with the payment of a $25 convenience fee. If the visit is held as planned, the $25 amount is then deducted from the registration fee.


  • $25 fee must be paid beforehand

  • only the student and parents may attend: SIBLINGS ARE NOT PERMITTED

  • limited to 20 minutes

  • scheduled in the months of February - May

Contact Mrs. Wenger today if you'd like to arrange a meeting.

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