Music and Me: Grades K-2
Fundamentals of Music
15 School Year Classes + 1 Recital
Biweekly Tuesdays, 50-Minute Class

Total Tuition: $300

This class puts the "fun" in fundamentals! We use resonator bells, similar to a xylophone, which allow students to use colors in their music-making. But the bells are not our sole focus! We implement play-based learning through elements like stories, games, singing, puppets, rhythm instruments and movement. Meaningful discoveries in active listening, pitch awareness, patterns and sequencing, spatial & body comprehension, and basic staff notation are made. Practice homework is minimal and age-appropriate, making this an ideal prep course for learning ANY future instrument!


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Students can be overwhelmed by the size of the keyboard, develop poor hand position habits early on, or just lose patience waiting for their turn at the keys! Instead, we have each child bring their own set of bells. This allows for equal playing time and strengthens the student's melodic & rhythmic perception when we play together. It also creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the instrument. Plus, it's much easier to purchase and store by parents than a keyboard. We think resonator bells are simply the best way to go for young learners!