My own piano journey started in second grade when I began lessons with a talented, encouraging teacher. After almost ten years of lessons with her, I chose to minor in music at Houghton College. I then began teaching my own private students in 2003 with just two students who introduced me to the joy of teaching!

  My teaching style is to implement tools like visual aids, games, incentives, special events, and off-the-bench activities. By these means, concepts are reinforced in enjoyable ways and the lesson time is more engaging... especially for younger students. As students progress, I gladly refer advanced learners  to other teachers when needed to keep momentum growing. Occasionally, I also offer seasonal guitar lessons for beginners when my schedule allows. 

   Whether your child uses instruction here as a stepping stone to another instrument or enjoys music as a lifelong hobby, I am honored to guide them along the way!




Address: 199 West Maple Ave, Myerstown PA 


Phone: (717) 270-1994