Pre-K Program



CLASS TIME: 9:00-11:30AM


ENROLLMENT UPDATE: The 2021-2022 program is full. Interested parents may apply to join the waiting list in the event that a spot may open up, but no guarantees can be made. 

  Developed in response to the closing of Sonrise Academy run by the Cornerstone Church in Lebanon, this program strives to prepare each student for kindergarten success! It incorporates a variety of group and individual activities with a focus on reading readiness, number sense, social skills awareness, and fine motor skills practice. The pre-k program runs from September-May.

   Our school day includes free play, Circle Time, gym, snack, math activity, literacy activity, art, music, and Bible Time. While this class is not licensed, its academic objectives have been evaluated for input by the kindergarten teachers at Jackson Elementary in the ELCO school district. 

  The enrollment process includes a brief meeting with Mrs. Wenger, then completion of paperwork and submission of the Materials Fee. Contact Mrs. Wenger today to schedule your free visit!


Hillary, Pre-K Parent

"My son attended the Pre-K Kangaroo program and absolutely loved it. He grew so much socially and academically just within the few months of starting. Mrs. Wenger and her assistants have done a wonderful job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is getting ready to send their littles off to kindergarten! Excellent hours, extremely reasonable price and lots of one-on-one attention!"


Krista, Pre-K Parent

"Mrs. Wenger's programs have been the perfect fit for our children. I couldn't be happier with the classes. There is a great mixture of free play, instruction, crafts, music, and movement, all within a structured class that allows kids to thrive and have social interaction with their peers. Mrs. Wenger goes above and beyond with her preparation and time that she puts into each class. Her organization and communication with parents is impeccable. And the programs are reasonably priced, too! I would recommend Maple Avenue Music to any parent looking for pre-school instruction or music lessons."