Hillary, Pre-K Parent

"My son attended the Pre-K Kangaroo program and absolutely loved it. He grew so much socially and academically just within the few months of starting. Mrs. Wenger and her assistants have done a wonderful job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is getting ready to send their littles off to kindergarten! Excellent hours, extremely reasonable price and lots of one-on-one attention!"

Krista, Pre-K Parent

"Mrs. Wenger's programs have been the perfect fit for our children. I couldn't be happier with the classes. There is a great mixture of free play, instruction, crafts, music, and movement, all within a structured class that allows kids to thrive and have social interaction with their peers. Mrs. Wenger goes above and beyond with her preparation and time that she puts into each class. Her organization and communication with parents is impeccable. And the programs are reasonably priced, too! I would recommend Maple Avenue Music to any parent looking for pre-school instruction or music lessons."





Address: 199 West Maple Ave, Myerstown PA 

Email: sharon@mapleavenuemusic.com

Phone: (717) 270-1994