I began teaching preschool in 2009

at Sonrise Academy, a Christian preschool run by the Cornerstone Church in Lebanon. When it closed with little warning to families, I opened my home to accommodate specific students for kindergarten preparation. We had 8 students that first year and even though the program is unlicensed, parents continued to request it again and it grew in size! 

   When fall 2020 arrived, many local preschools closed in light of covid-19. At that time, I was able to add a second pre-k class to my roster. So currently, I serve two classes of 8 students each for a total of 16 enrolled students. Overall, my teaching philosophy is simple-- learning should be fun!




Address: 199 West Maple Ave, Myerstown PA 

Email: sharon@mapleavenuemusic.com

Phone: (717) 270-1994