Preschool PALS Staff

Preschoolers often need a helping hand... whether to tie a shoe, clean up a mess, wipe a nose or use the bathroom. Our staff goes above and beyond these simple needs to build relationships with students, and they truly are the backbone of our program!

Mrs. Doutrich is a legend when it comes to teaching children. She's been a Sunday School teacher for decades, working mostly with toddlers and preschoolers. Plus, she is Mrs. Wenger's mom!


Mrs. Doutrich stays busy on the family farm and attends every grandchild's event that she can get to. Her enthusiasm for children certainly carries over into our program!

Miss G is a local homeschooler who also assists in the Preschool PALS program. She attends Mrs. Wenger's church and has been a fantastic addition to class. Miss G jumps in wherever needed and students love her. 

She is an artistic young lady with many varied hobbies. Miss G enjoys flower drying, soap making, sewing, baking, reading, piano and roller skating. We have been blessed to have her presence with us at PALS!