Preschool PALS: Wee 3's Class
Wednesday & Friday, 9:00-11:00am
Tuition: $110 per month
Ages 3-4

Our youngest learners may never have left mom or dad before, so we work hard to create nurturing relationships from day one. Simple concepts like colors, shapes, name letters and numbers are introduced in playful ways. Two classes per week and a shorter morning overall makes this a perfect intro to school for 3's and 4's! 


PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT SERVE STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL OR BEHAVIORAL NEEDS. We just do not have staffing or training to do so effectively. We provide service for children who can function independently within a class setting.  

Our program follows Elco's calendar, so families in the district have their children on the same schedule. But we enroll students from many districts, as well as homeschoolers.  

What makes PALS unique?

  • in-home setting

  • small class size

  • individual attention

  • Christian emphasis

  • input from local teachers

  • daily activity report

  • play- and song-based learning!


9:00am- Arrival and free play

9:40- Morning Meeting

9:50- Gym Class

9:55- Skill Focus

10:00- Snack and free play

10:25- Storytime with Scruffy

10:35- Table Time Activity

10:45- Closing Session: Bible Story/Music

11:00- Dismissal


  • age 3

  • fully potty trained

  • free from any mental, behavioral or emotional diagnosis (such as the autism spectrum)

  • speaks English

  • able to do stairs without physical impairment

  • follows directions

  • functions independently away from parents

PLEASE NOTE: Even though our classes are small, we are NOT trained or equipped to serve students with special needs of any kind. Nor are we able to enroll children who are disrespectful, disobedient or disruptive. Out of respect for the remaining students, such children are removed from class the very first day.  

We DO serve students who enjoy playtime, discovery, and exploration under the guidance of a caring grown up.... and if this describes your child, we'd love to have them join us! 

1scruffyme 4.jpg


Our class puppet, Scruffy, lives in the classroom and visits everyday!