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Is 'Preschool PALS' simply a music class for little ones?

No. Mrs. Wenger combines her experience of teaching traditional preschool ...and her music background... to prepare children academically for kindergarten. The result is a dynamic hybrid of preschool education!

So is 'Preschool PALS' a licensed preschool then?

No. "PALS" is run through the in-home studio of Maple Avenue Music.  But  local kindergarten teachers have given input to our objectives. They also give feedback on student successes, confirming that our programs are right on track! 

What makes 'Preschool PALS' unique?

  • small class size

  • musical twist

  • local teacher input

  • Christian atmosphere

  • ongoing teacher communication

  • in-home setting 

  • ample parking 

  • quick drop off & pick up procedures

  • high behavior standards

What behavior standards are maintained?

 Students who throw tantrums, speak disrespectfully to teachers, destroy property or harm other students are not permitted. If such students enroll, they are typically removed within the first week. Our priority is to maintain a safe space for teachable children!

Is 'Preschool PALS' a year-round program?

No, the program follows Elco's school calendar. Class is held from September through mid-May.

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