Is 'Preschool PALS' a licensed preschool?

No. These classes combine traditional preschool elements with musical techniques, and are run within Maple Avenue Music's studio. But local kindergarten teachers have given input to our academic objectives, making these classes an ideal preschool hybrid!

What makes 'Preschool PALS' unique?

The combination of typical preschool class elements with musical strategies makes our program stand out. Parents also appreciate the  in-home setting, Christian atmosphere, small class size, and options to add-on learning.

What is the student to teacher ratio at 'Preschool PALS'?

Typically, 4 to 1. A class assistant is present each day to help children as needed.

What covid precautions are taken at 'Preschool PALS'?

Hourly hand washing, and daily sanitizing of toys and high traffic surfaces. 

Is 'Preschool PALS' a year-round program?

No, the program follows Elco's school calendar. Class is held from late August through mid-May.