Is this a licensed preschool?

No...P.A.L.S. are musical learning programs but their aims have been evaluated by local Elco kindergarten teachers.

What type of activities do students participate in?

Story, free play, gym class, snack, art, math and literacy activities, fine and gross motor skill practice, Bible story, puppets.... plus music, which is woven throughout.

How many students do you enroll?

8 students per program

What makes this program unique?

We value individual attention with small enrollment and many families appreciate the in-home setting. Our guidelines have had teacher-input, and parents value the Christian atmosphere. Also, students have the option to learn pre-piano skills included with their preschool instruction.

Must you attend a certain church to enroll?

Absolutely not! Children of all faith backgrounds are invited and welcomed.

What does it mean that these programs have a "Christian emphasis"?

Mrs. Wenger teaches from the perspective of a biblical worldview. Read more about Mrs. Wenger's specific beliefs at her church's website here.  

What covid precautions do you take?

Hourly hand washing, sanitizing of toys and high traffic surfaces prior to each class, and using hand wipes & sanitizer as needed. If we must suspend in-person learning, class videos will be made available.

What is the student / teacher ratio?

Typically, 4:1. (If an assistant can't attend, then 8:1.)

When are the programs held?

Late August through May, based around the ELCO school district.

Must we live in the Elco district to attend?

No! These clubs have served families from Cleona, Robesonia, Jonestown, Newmanstown and more. 

We are considering home schooling. Can our child still attend?

Of course! Your child will gain not only academic but social skills as well.

How are the programs funded?

Preschool PALS are funded solely through tuition payments.