Is this a licensed preschool?

No. The Preschool P.A.L.S. clubs are programs within the Maple Avenue Music studio. Their learning aims, however, have been evaluated for input by the kindergarten teachers at Jackson Elementary in the ELCO school district. 

What type of activities do students participate in?

Common elements of a typical preschool classroom are employed, such as storytime, free play, gym class, snack, art, math and literacy activities, fine and gross motor skill practice, Bible story, puppets, and sensory play.... plus music, which is woven all throughout class activities. 

How many students do you enroll?

Each club is capped at a maximum of 8 students.

What advantage is there to this program over a regular preschool?

First, we value individual attention and therefore keep our clubs small with just 8 children enrolled. Second, the in-home environment can be more welcoming to some children than the often sterile setting of institutional buildings. Lastly, those parents who desire a Christian atmosphere can rest assured that their child is being nurtured by a teacher with a biblical worldview. 

What is "thematic learning?"

Rather than introducing a concept like a letter/shape/number, we start with real life objects, ideas, and experiences that naturally interest children. We call these ideas themes. By drawing teachable moments from themes and offering hands-on exploration through multi-sensory experiences, our students experience a dynamic, effective means of learning! 

Must you be Christian, or attend a certain church, to send your child here?

Absolutely not! Children of all faith backgrounds are invited and welcomed.

What covid precautions do you take?

Sometimes masks on young children create difficulties, so instead we implement other measures such as hourly hand washing, sanitizing of toys and high traffic surfaces prior to each class, and using hand wipes & sanitizer as needed. Should someone in class be exposed to covid, we have the option of online learning through the class facebook group where videos are posted.

What is the student / teacher ratio?

Typically, 4:1. If an assistant is unable to attend due to emergency, the maximum ratio would therefore be 8:1.

When are the clubs held?

They run from late August through May, and the calendar is formed around the ELCO school district. "Wee 3's" is held on Mondays/Wednesdays (9:00-11:00am), and "Pre-K" runs Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays (9:00-11:30am). 

Must we live in the Elco district to attend?

No! These clubs have served families from Cleona, Jonestown, Newmanstown, Robesonia, and more. Our club calendar simply revolves around Elco's, meaning Elco families will have all their children on the same schedule. 

How are clubs funded?

Preschool PALS are funded solely through tuition payments, as they receive no financial support from the state or local churches. Aside from the Materials Fee due with registration, and a small list of school supplies due on the first day, no additional fees are charged and no fundraising is required. 

Can these  clubs really prepare my child for school?

Yes! Dozens of families have sent their child here in lieu of a traditional preschool program, and felt they were adequately prepared for kindergarten. Plus, input from the kindergarten teachers at Jackson Elementary has helped us focus our goals so they align with school expectations.