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Available February - June
$10 Scheduling Fee (Refunded at Visit)

Visits are welcome by new families, whether inquiring about piano or Preschool PALS. Since Mrs. Wenger's teaching schedule includes mornings, afternoons, and evenings, however, scheduling them can be a challenge. And neither class observations nor open houses can be offered due to space limitations.  These factors, combined with the recent trend of parents canceling last minute or just not showing up, has prompted the following guidelines: Visits are now confirmed only with the payment of a $10 scheduling fee.


If the visit is held as planned, the $10 is given back to parents when they arrive. If the visit is canceled with less than 24 hours' notice, the scheduling fee is kept as compensation for preparations already done. 


  • $10 cash must be paid beforehand to secure time

  • only for student and parent(s) 


  • limited to 20 minutes

  • scheduled in the months of Feb - June

Contact Mrs. Wenger today if you'd like to arrange a meeting.

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