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Piano Lessons: Grades 2-12


Mrs. Wenger's biweekly lesson format means students attend lessons twice per month rather than every single week. This set up accommodates busy families juggling many activities and is easier on family budgets! 



What does a student need to begin piano lessons?

  • daily access to a piano or keyboard in their home

  • time & willingness to regularly practice assignments and attend lessons

  • parents, grandparents, or other caregivers to encourage and supervise progress

  • starter books 

How frequent are lessons? 

Mrs. Wenger teaches during the school year on a biweekly basis, meaning half-hour lessons are given twice per month (NOT WEEKLY). Two semesters of 8 lessons each are provided from September - April, with a total of 16 lessons at the tuition rate of $300 (paid in 2 installments). A group lesson is also typically implemented once per semester, figured into the total lesson amount. 

Do you teach in summer?

Lessons are offered during the summer but many students do take a break and simply rejoin in fall.

Must parents purchase piano books? 

Yes. Parents are typically sent amazon links so they may purchase their child's method books. If online purchasing is not possible for any student, Mrs. Wenger can purchase the books and be reimbursed by parents.   

What is your teaching method?

Some teachers use the ear-training method, but this studio begins with a focus on reading music at the very first lesson. Reading sheet music is a foundational skill every musician should acquire and is taught initially with "pre-staff notation." 

Do you have a waiting area for parents and siblings?

No. Only the student may enter the studio. Two sibling students may be dropped off together IF an item is brought to entertain them while they wait for their sibling to finish (i.e. homework, book to read, device WITH EARPHONES ONLY). Toys in this area are for Mrs. Wenger's pre-k programs and MAY NOT be used by piano students. 

Do you hold mandatory recitals?

No. While recitals do have their benefits, Mrs. Wenger has found group lessons to be much more motivational and rewarding. These are typically held once per semester and include just students and teacher.

What has your studio done to make teaching safe in light of covid-19?

Mrs. Wenger staggers lessons to sanitize the piano between family groups and only allows students inside. Plus, both teacher and student wear masks and wash hands together at the start of every lesson. Further safety measures are discussed at the studio policy link below.


I don't agree with masks or other policy issues. Will you make an exception for my child?

No exceptions will be made. It's best to find another studio that fits your preferences.


“Sharon is an amazing piano teacher. I had two children take lessons with her when they were younger. She gave them a solid music foundation and they have moved on to playing many more instruments throughout the years.” 


“Sharon was a wonderful teacher and gave my children an excellent foundation in music. She truly cares about the students and is very patient with each of them and is cognizant of their different learning styles. I highly recommend her!"


“Sharon is great with young learners, she knows how to make music lessons fun and engaging, yet challenge them just enough!”


“Excellent teacher. She really cares about each child and their personal success!” 

Ruthanne, Piano Parent

Melanie, Piano Parent

Misty, Piano Parent

Sabine, Piano Parent