Piano: Grades 2-12
15 School Year Lessons + 1 Recital
Biweekly Tuesdays, 30-minute Lesson
Total Tuition: $300

Many studios expect their pupils to become professional musicians. We've found, however, that most children simply want to experiment with piano... just as they would with soccer or ballet. So we offer slower paced instruction with extra practice time between lessons. Our end goal is not necessarily to create future music majors; rather, we hope to develop students' talent so it can be enjoyed  for a lifetime!  We offer 16 school year, biweekly lessons (or, occasionally, 1 lesson is replaced with a recital). This format works especially well for families with many children juggling many activities!

What's needed to begin lessons? Students need daily access to a piano or keyboard in the home, time to practice regularly, parents to supervise progress, and a list of starter books.

COVID protocols: The piano is sanitized prior to lessons and as needed throughout. Teacher and student wash hands together before starting the lesson, and sanitizer is available as needed. If a student attends with a cough, it is kind of them to consider wearing a mask though not mandatory at this time.