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Piano: Grades 1-12
16 Biweekly School Year Lessons
Private Format, Teacher/Student
$30 Reg Fee (School Year Total: $300)

We've found over the years that many children wish to experiment with piano, just as they might with soccer or ballet. So we offer slower-paced lessons held on a biweekly schedule, meaning lessons occur just twice per month. This format is ideal for busy families juggling many different activities as it provides for more practice time between lessons.  

A $30 registration fee is required which simply covers the student's first two books and practice folder. Further books are the parent's responsibility as lessons progress, usually purchased via amazon links sent from Mrs. Wenger.

Click here for a pdf of the biweekly format studio policy. 


  • held Tuesdays between 3-6pm

  • 16 Total School Year Lessons

  • Cost: $300 (2 semester payments of $150)  

  • an upfront registration fee of $30 is required

  • reg fee covers your child's first 2 books & practice folder

  • all later books are parent's responsibility to purchase

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