Summer 2021 Guitar Classes

for Grades 1-6



*If you are interested in school-year guitar classes for your child held on Tuesdays (for grades 1-6), please contact Mrs. Wenger as this is a possibility pending enough interest. 


Students will discover how to read notes on the staff, play chords, and learn fundamentals of music like rhythm, beat, and tempo. Summer provides the perfect amount of time to explore the guitar, with 8 provided classes! A total payment of $150 covers the entire session, and students are also required to purchase the book linked below from amazon. Pending enough interest, this class may continue on a biweekly basis during the school year. 

What must be brought to class?

Students must bring their guitar, the method book, and the practice folder Mrs. Wenger will provide at the first lesson.

Must my child practice at home?

Yes! Progress depends directly on at-home practice. Mrs. Wenger will specify practice expectations in the folder, and include helpful parent tips.

Does your studio take covid safety  precautions?

Yes. They are included on the program policy.

What size guitar do we need?

GRADES 1-2... 1/2 size guitar

GRADES 3-6... 3/4 size guitar

These recommendations are merely a guide. If a student is small or large for his/her age, please use your best judgment. Occasionally, a highly-motivated 4th or 5th grader can learn with a full-sized guitar. Sometimes guitars can be found by sharing the need with family & friends, or even posting on facebook. You'd be surprised how many people have guitars gathering dust in closets and attics!

How do I register my child?

First read the class policy as linked below (which also details safety measures with which students must comply). If this program seems like a good fit for your child, contact Mrs. Wenger for a registration form.