Please check back in summer 2021 to learn more about guitar lessons!

Summer Guitar for Grades 1-5

   Is your child interested in guitar? For this summer only, beginner lessons are offered for grades 1-5! Students will discover how to read notes on the staff, play chords, and learn fundamentals of music like rhythm, beat, and tempo. Summer provides the perfect amount of time to explore the guitar, with the choice to attend anywhere from 6-10 lessons!  

How are lessons scheduled?

Lessons are held weekly for a half hour at a rate of $20/lesson. Payments are made the first lesson of each month, and a schedule is given to parents when we begin.

What is needed to begin lessons?

Students simply need a guitar, the method book (amazon link below), and first month's payment. 


What size guitar do we need?

GRADES 1-2... 1/2 size guitar

GRADES 3-5... 3/4 size guitar

These recommendations are merely a guide. If a student is small or large for his/her age, please use your best judgment. Occasionally, a highly-motivated 4th or 5th grader can learn with a full-sized guitar. 




Address: 199 West Maple Ave, Myerstown PA 


Phone: (717) 270-1994