Winter Guitar Class:  Grades 2-5

January - March 2022

Biweekly Tuesdays, 6:45-7:15pm

$100 for 6 Biweekly Classes, Including Book

Class Capacity: 8 Students

Trying to gauge your child's interest in guitar without committing to a full year of lessons? This beginner class is for you! Students will be introduced to basic concepts like staff notation, rhythm, and playing both open and fretted notes. Students may continue on in later sessions, or simply end with no further commitment!

What does my child need to take this class?

The book is included with registration fee, so just a guitar! 

Grade 2: a 1/2 size guitar is recommended

Grades 3-5: a 3/4 size guitar is recommended

These suggestions are merely a guide. If a student is small or large for his/her age, please use your best judgment or have a professional at a local music store assist you. Occasionally a highly-motivated 4th or 5th grader can learn with a full sized guitar. 

What dates are the classes?

January 11, 25; February 8, 22; March 8, 22

Is practice required at home?

YES! At-home practiced is crucial. We learn in sequence, and one skill builds upon another. Because of the class format, new concepts will be presented at each class and review will be minimal. Practice expectations are clearly outlined in the practice folder brought home from the first class, and include parent tips too.

How do I register my child?

First, read the Program Policy linked below. If the class seems like it'd be a good fit for your child, contact Mrs. Wenger for a registration form.